LOOT is developed on GitHub, and a full list of GitHub contributors may be found here.

LOOT’s masterlists were largely converted from BOSS‘s masterlists, and so credit is due to the very large number of sources and people who have contributed to them.

In addition, the following are credited with application-related support:

  • Original icon: jonwd7
  • Translations:
    • Brazilian Portuguese: Kassane
    • Chinese: bluesky404
    • Danish: Freso
    • Finnish: 3ventic
    • French: Kaos
    • German: lpradel
    • Korean: SteamB23
    • Polish: Łukasz Niemczyk
    • Russian: Tokc.D.K.
    • Spanish: Sharlikran
    • Swedish: Mikael Hiort af Ornäs
  • Beta testing: Too many to list, thank you all!

LOOT is written in C/C++, HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript, and uses the Boost, Jed, Jed Gettext Parser, libespm, libgit2, libloadorder, Marked, pseudosem, Polymer and yaml-cpp libraries, and the Chromium Embedded Framework.